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Our History

For some time Rev. Steve Ferguson felt a leading to start a church where young preachers and young people would receive the help they needed to begin a new life.  He looked around Columbus until he found an old storeroom at 67 Innis Ave. to which had been converted into a church.  Easter Sunday morning in 1948, Rev. Ferguson opened the church doors for the first time.  The church started with a total of nineteen members.  Rev. Ferguson was named the pastor with Bro. James Hammond as the assistant.

In 1955 a basement was constructed on the property at 490 East Woodrow Ave. in Columbus, Ohio.  Church services were held in the basement for four years.  The congregation moved upstairs in 1959.  Later, the church purchased seven acres of ground at 4185 Parsons Ave. when Rev. James Harris was the pastor.  The ground was dedicated in 1979 and a new parsonage was built during the pastoral of Rev. Edward Blevins.

We began homecoming services when Rev. Bill Rogers became pastor and held these services in the shelter house on the Parsons Ave property before the new building was even started.  In 1995 a ground-breaking service was held for the new church building on July 22nd.  The last service in the old church was on July 30, 1995, and until the new church was completed we had services in the basement of the parsonage.

During that time the attendance averaged over 100 people and finally, the move into the new church took place on March 17, 1996.  In the summer of 2001, we converted our shelter house into a fellowship hall.

After pastoring for 22 years Bill Rogers passed away and his wife Libby Rogers was voted in as pastor to finish her husband's term.  On September 19, 2007, Jeremy Kamer was voted in as the assistant pastor, and on May 25th, 2008 he was voted in as the senior pastor of the church.  Jeremy is currently serving as pastor of the Columbus First Christian Baptist Church.


The following is a list of all our pastors and their spouse in the order that they ministered.

Steve & Ola Ferguson
Bill and Kathleen Price (First Full-time Pastor)
Holley Conley
F.E. & Marilyn Veach
James & Carol Harris
James & Ethel Morgan
Edward & Irene Blevins
Bill & Libby Rogers
Libby Rogers
Jeremy & Abbie Kamer
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